Treating For Bed Bugs? Do It Successfully Yourself

Treating bed bugs image

Treating bed bugs

This may be some what of a challenge for many who find themselves with an invasion of blood sucking parasites on their hands.

Indeed you may want to think about bringing in professional pest control specialists, however this can turn out to be very costly, making it a non started for many people.

This article explores the best methods for treating bed bugs at home without breaking the bank to do it. so just where do you begin?

Treating Bed Bugs Step 1.

Launder and tumble dry everything possible with both the washing machine and dryer set to as high a temperature as fabrics will allow. Immediately place all treated items into clean plastic bags or containers with tight fitting lids to prevent re-contamination. Once the room has been cleared you are ready for the next step.

Treating Bed Bed Bugs Step 2.

Using a vacuum sweeper hoover everything in the room. Bed bugs are usually located in wrinkles and folds of your mattress, around buttons, labels and handles. They also often hide out along the bottom of headboards, in box springs, pillows and so on. Remember they will hide out and breed in furniture, upholstery, closets, and even obscure places like inside alarm clocks, electrical goods and so on. N.B. Empty and clean your vacuum cleaner carefully without delay right after you complete this task.

Retrace your steps using a steam cleaner – this part of the process is the most crucial because the steam will kill bed bugs at all stages of development. However it is essential that your steam cleaner can maintain a temperature in excess of 120 oC. You must the move steam cleaner head slowly over the surface keeping the nozzle just above the surface otherwise the temperature will be greatly reduced and the bed bug treatment less effective.

Treating Bed Bugs Step 3.

Seal your mattress, box spring as well as your pillows using bed bug proof encasements. This will both help prevent further bed bugs taking up residence in your bed and prevent any lingering bed bugs feeding or migrating to additional parts of the room.

Bed Bug traps are also a simple yet effective way of ensuring that these miniature vampires never make it to their next meal. A basic cup like trap filled with crawling insect dust, positioned under each of the legs on you bed will prevent them from reaching bed covers and mattresses.

Treating Bed Bugs Step 4.

Make use of a non toxic bed bug spray or crawling insect dust when treating bed bugs as an extra insurance policy to exterminate any bugs and eggs which might have escaped treatment.

When you are choosing bed bug spray it is important that you choose with care. Some will just eradicate bugs on contact and will have zero lasting impact. It is best to buy one that will be effective over a period of time. Crawling insect dust is also an extremely safe and successful way to get rid of any remaining bed bugs. It will take much longer to kill them!


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